Interview Skills Coaching 1 Hour Online Session


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Interview Skills Coaching 1 Hour Online Session. Get mock interview coaching help that gets you hired! Personalized Career Counseling – Hire a Pro to Assist You. Boost Your Career Today. Get an Expert Career Coach to Advise You.

The price listed reflects pricing per 1 hour of coaching.

Coaching sessions are tailored to suit your unique needs. A 30-minute session is not enough time to adequately address all of your coaching needs, so feel free to select multiple sessions to adequately address your coaching needs.

We will conduct mock interviews to get you comfortable with what to expect in an interview, and also discuss and practice the different interview techniques to prepare you for success. Your session will also include discussions on body language and how you can positively communicate and send the right message.

1-On-1 Coaching Done Via Video Conferencing. Mock Interview Simulation. Overcome Your Weakness. Fast Response

Knowing You

We get in touch with you to get background knowledge on your personality, career history, industry, and your plans for your next role, or new career path

Understanding You

With our experience in communication, personalities, behaviors, and neuro-linguistic programming, we identify habits, responses and non-verbal and verbal language that may unknowingly be preventing your next big career jump.


During coaching, we prepare you for what you need – whether it is an in person, virtual or role play interview. We focus on the key skills and requirements of your upcoming role. We work alongside with you to elevate you to your next career goal.

  • Undergo a mock interview tailored to the specific job you are aiming for
  • Get assessed and discover any gaps and learn how to overcome them
  • Elevate your self-awareness of nuances in your reactions, habits, non-verbal and verbal communication style under a high stress environment
  • Achieve clarity in your delivery of aspirations and stories
  • Learn to connect and influence
  • Discuss strategy and success techniques with the coach


We provide effective techniques on how to further elevate your interview skills. We show you how to build upon the in-session work and to improve further.

Once your booking is received, we will be in touch to confirm a suitable timing for the online coaching session and to request for any additional information.

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