Organizational Services

organisational services
Anchor provides a wide range of Organisational Services providing advice to companies, management, employees, staff
  • Operating Model and Organisation Design
  • Organisation Processes
  • Performance Culture
  • Innovation and Improvement
  • Strategic & Business Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Organisational Reviews
  • Organisational Surveys
  • Organisational Change
  • Job Design
  • Performance Review & Evaluation
  • Exit Interviews
  • Policy Review & Development
  • Recruitment
  • Management Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Meeting Facilitation

Operating Model and Organisation Design

We believe the structure of an organisation’s social systems impacts how people behave and work. That’s why establishing a structure that empowers your organisation to be effective and efficient is paramount. Combining a deep understanding of strategy and economics with modern organisational approaches, our team will partner with you to develop a custom solution. With extensive experience across a broad range of sectors, we use agile practices to design, or redesign, your business structure, ultimately transforming your organisation and the leaders within.

Organisation Processes

While clear, simple and aligned operating modes and organisation structures are integral to achieving strategy, they require proven processes to bind them and drive true efficiency. Technology and policies may shape processes however, the organic nature of how people work and engage must be the top consideration. We will collaborate with you to analyse the mechanisms that guide how information flows, resources are allocated and decisions are made. We will then work to shift and refine them to best support employees and the organisation as a whole.

Performance Culture

At Anchor, we understand that an organisation’s underlying beliefs, assumptions and accepted norms can shape employee behaviour more than formal policies and procedures. We also know that it can be a real challenge to identify and shape the core components of your culture. Our team will work with you to pinpoint and articulate the changes in your organisation’s culture that truly matter. That will enable you to protect and present a unified core, while welcoming diversity of thought and celebrating constructive dialogue.

Innovation and Improvement

Transformation is essential to meeting the challenges of an ever-changing external environment. With specialist experience in strategic organisation design, organisation behaviour, process reengineering and leadership, our cross-disciplinary group of experts will partner with you to tackle change head on and create lifelong impact. From planning and executing change to fostering the collective innovation of your workplace to designing for the future, Anchor will work side by side with you and your leaders to make transformation happen within and across your business.


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