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Qoo10 is one of the fastest growing and most popular online marketplace in the world. It offers an comprehensive e-commerce platform which providing customers fun, convenient, price competitive and secure shopping experiences for reliable goods and services from all over the world. QSM (Qoo10 Sales Manager) is a program for sellers to manage their listed items in convenient ways. This course will teach you on how to use QSM effectively. It also teach you on how to sell well on Qoo10 and avoid the pitfall of selling on Qoo10.

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to Qoo10
  • Understand your product market
  • List your product
  • The world of advertisement in GSM
  • Shipping methods and know how
  • Manage your customers
  • How to check for payment
  • Top 10 tips for sales

Course Details:

Module 1: Introduction to Qoo10

  • Why sell on Qoo10
  • Manage your expectation
  • Understand your competition
  • Navigate Qoo10 site
  • Get an account

Module 2: List your product

  • Create a product page
  • Understand what makes a good product photo
  • Something about good description
  • Create policy for your shop
  • Hyperlink and other cool stuffs
  • Optional tab and inventory management
  • Edit and modify make correction

Module 3: Shipping Setup

  • Introduction to general shipping service
  • How to ship your products?
  • Process pick up and check status
  • Return and refund

Module 4: Payment

  • Settlement function
  • Check account breakdown
  • Understand tax invoice

Module 5: Customer service

  • Understand Qoo10 customer service policy
  • Qpost APP
  • Customer service do and don’t
  • Manage your review and premium review

Module 6: Top 10 tips to survival

  • Frontend
  • Backend

Course Timing : 10am-5pm

Location: Google Meet/Microsoft Teams/Skype Video Call

SGD $500/per person for 1 Day Course


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