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interim ceo services

Anchor Bizit provide interim CEO, MD for hire while your organizations search for a permanent CEO during a time of transition or you need fresh new ideas. We are here to help you. Your organization needs a good leader to manage your organization during this interim period if not your staff and bottom line will be affected.

9 Reasons to Hire an Interim CEO:

  1. Crisis management
  2. Direction change needed
  3. New technology implementation
  4. Turnaround and restructuring
  5. Keep up morale among employees
  6. Pre-or post –merger direction
  7. Succession planning (especially in family owned businesses)
  8. Gain “Fresh Eyes” to problems
  9. Downsizing or upsizing

Interim CEO’s Value:

  • Direction: Company may need a new direction that current management cannot provide.
  • Buy or Sale: An interim CEO will scout companies in a particular field for merger or acquisition, stabilize after a sale or ready a company for sale.
  • Turnaround, Restructuring or Merging: An Interim CEO provides the unbiased and “Fresh Eyes” to meet plans and schedules.

Family Businesses:

  • Succession Planning: Provide guidance and game plan while continuing to provide family with a revenue stream.
  • Mentoring and Coaching: Where the owner is older and the next generation is not ready or seasoned, an Interim CEO can direct, nurture, guide, teach and build the next generation team.
  • Building Consensus: Family stakeholders have different wants, desires and needs, an Interim CEO provides unbiased, unemotional, objective advice.

Early Stage and Late Stage Startups:

  • Manage Growth: Entrepreneurs often hit a wall where they need someone with experience and unique skill sets to grow the business.
  • Credibility: An Interim CEO can make a company credible to customers, suppliers and bankers.
  • Maximize Value: Entrepreneurs start a company with an idea that often needs an objective and experienced Interim CEO to clarify, execute and monetize the concept.

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