Digital Project Manager Services

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Digital Project Manager Services

  • Anchor will help to train, mentor Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) on Digital Projects Management. We provide one to one mentoring, coaching services. For companies, we can also provide group training services for your staff.
  • Anchor has own Digital Project Managers to implement digital projects. We analysis, design, implementation and sign off projects. You can use our PM services to manage your digital projects. We keep your project on track.

Anchor provides Digital Project Managers even if you’re using another development team. In fact, it’s a good idea to have a checks and balances system in place by using a Digital Project Manager when you’re working on big development projects, whether it’s software development or large scale web development. For smaller projects, such as simple web sites, your development team should include DPM.

We are WordPress expert who teach others about WordPress.  Many People has trust us.

What We Do

– Communicate regularly with your team
– Monitor and track project timelines
– Master your project management software – allocating tasks and keeping track of all the action
– Maintain regular contact with your clients – gathering feedback, updating on progress and generally keeping a smile on their faces
– Gather and coordinate resources, information, and content
– Help to prepare proposals and pitches, timeframes, schedules, and budgets
– Help to define and develop your internal processes

What We Provide

– Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
– Exceptional client-facing and internal communication skills
– Solid organizational skills including full attention to detail and strong multitasking skills
– WordPress expertise


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