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Security starts with real-time operational intelligence.


Protecting your company’s data has increasingly grown more complex. Now more than ever, companies need adaptable and scalable network visibility and security solutions. APCON provides the visibility needed to improve security in any network environment.

IntellaFlex XR Blades

200Gbps Processing :: HyperEngine Packet Processor Blade

Aggregation / Filtering :: IntellaFlex 100G Packet Aggregator Blade

Aggregation / Filtering :: NEW | IntellaFlex 40G Packet Aggregator Blade

Security Tool Bypass :: IntellaFlex Bypass Switch

Aggregation / Filtering :: IntellaFlex Multi Function Aggregator Blade

Aggregation / Filtering :: IntellaFlex Packet Aggregator Blade | 24 ports 1/10G and 8 ports 40G

Aggregation / Filtering :: IntellaFlex Packet Aggregator Blade | 36 ports 1/10G

Traffic Buffering :: IntellaFlex Traffic Manager Blade

IntellaStore II Blade

IntellaStore II+ Blade

IntellaFlex XR Chassis

IntellaFlex 3504-XR

IntellaFlex 3288-XR

IntellaFlex 3144-XR

IntellaFlex 3072-XR

IntellaFlex 3036-XR

IntellaFlex XR Software

WebXR – GUI management software for IntellaFlex XR switches

TitanXR – GUI management software for multiple IntellaFlex XR switches


Series 4000 Next Generation Blades and Chassis

Series 4000 Chassis

The APCON Series 4000 Chassis are the next generation of network visibility appliances. Each can be configured with up to six next generation fabric cards providing full mesh connectivity with the blades.

Series 4000 Blades

The APCON Series 4000 blades’ aggregation and filtering technology make it easy to monitor high-speed networks. With the broadest range of advanced features network engineers are confident the right traffic is delivered to the right tools all the time.

We also sell many others APCON products and solutions.


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