ACLP Certified Trainer

Janice Ong is the founder of AnchorBizIT. She is WSQ ACLP Certified Trainer, Facilitator and Assessor. She has more than 20 years of Business Development, Sales & Marketing working experience in the IT & engineering industries. She used to work in start up, SMEs and MNC in leadership position being the head of the department before starting Anchor.

Janice is one of the early pioneers that advocated SMEs to start an online website, e-Commerce online store back in the start up days more than 20 years ago. She has trained, coach, mentor many people from all walks of life. From Senior C level, business owners, lecturers, head of department, top management, managers, executives, schools students, expats to junior level people.

Her wide range of experiences in various e-Commerce software, CMS, SAS, marketplaces are of great asset use to many companies and individuals who are exploring for an alternative income or additional income. She has also travel around the world in Europe, Asia Pacific and worked with business partners, colleagues, customers, distributors from USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. Her students, customers highly favor her, liking her good top notch service, mentoring, fast response, training, advice and fixing their problems. She is willing to share her many years of knowledge, experience and equip others.

Don’t wait. Turn to AnchorBizIT today. Let us be your solid Anchor you can rely on.



, ACLP Certified Trainer, Anchor Biz IT

, ACLP Certified Trainer, Anchor Biz IT
Zubaidah Yusoff
Janice is a nice and friendly trainer. She provides tips and shares her knowledge accordingly. She is a very well - experienced trainer and is able to identify things that need to rectified quite quickly. Thanks Janice!
, ACLP Certified Trainer, Anchor Biz IT
Samraj Rajasekar
She very is very friendly and knowledgeable to teach in web hosting and online store.
, ACLP Certified Trainer, Anchor Biz IT
sandi lee
very good to learn and well experience instructor, worth to get more knowledge.
, ACLP Certified Trainer, Anchor Biz IT
Shafaruddin Sahdion
Had a Shopify training course, and was very informative. Thank you.
, ACLP Certified Trainer, Anchor Biz IT
Stonk Ape
they have a wide range of products for business usage that's not easily available in the market for small startups. also commendable is their patience in handling with my doubts. top notch service!
, ACLP Certified Trainer, Anchor Biz IT
Muhammad Ahmad
Ms Janice provided a really detailed and personalised service. She really went out of her way to ensure that I received what I needed, and she kept checking back on it.
, ACLP Certified Trainer, Anchor Biz IT
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