Anchor provides professional bookkeeping & accounting services in Singapore at affordable rates for both local and overseas entrepreneurs, SMEs, start up, new business owners, F&B, retail, online business owners etc.

Package Fee for Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in Singapore

Packages AvailableFee (SGD)
Monthly BookkeepingFrom $500
Quarterly BookkeepingFrom $1000
Half Yearly BookkeepingFrom $1,500
Yearly BookkeepingFrom $2,000
GST Submission and E-filingFrom $500
Other ad-hoc bookkeeping or administrative support servicesFrom $300 per hour

* E-filing on behalf of the company is provided only if you have engaged our Bookkeeping Service

Anchor offers a comprehensive range of accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore for your newly established company or existing businesses.

Our accounting services let you have a thorough understanding of your company’s financial status and transactions.

More importantly, you will be able to concentrate on other aspects of your business knowing that your accounting and bookkeeping issues are well managed and taken care of.

If you do not have the budget in hiring a qualified and experienced accounts clerk, we offer budget accounting services in Singapore on a monthly/quarterly, half yearly basis, which is definitely worth the money.

Our Accounting services are reliable and confidential.

We will help you to keep accurate records of all your business and professional transactions as required by Singapore government.

Our accountants can compile your yearly accounts information for submission to ACRA and IRAS. We specialize in maintaining a timely accounting system that allows you to manage your accounts cost-effectively.

All companies registered in Singapore must keep proper books of accounts as stipulated by the Singapore Companies Act. Good bookkeeping not only facilitates day-to-day account maintenance and drafting of financial statements for the submission of annual returns, but also provides insight for sound business decision-making as well as efficient financial management.

Anchor provides the full spectrum of accounting services for companies that wish to outsource their bookkeeping function.

Our Accounting Services includes:

  1. Setting up a chart of accounts
  2. Maintenance and preparation of accounting books and reports
  3. Balance Sheet
  4. Profit and Loss Statement
  5. Trial Balance
  6. General Ledger
  7. Trade Creditors Listing
  8. Trade Debtors Listing
  9. Bank Reconciliation Report
  10. Fixed Assets Register

Information Required for Quotation Purposes
For bookkeeping services, we will need to know the detail of your business in order to provide you a final and reasonable quotation. Kindly email us the details at [email protected]

For newly setup company, kindly email us the following details at [email protected]
– The Company name
– Business nature
– Financial year end
– Any schedule is prepared to monitor the sales made by the Company
– Any schedule is prepared to monitor the purchases incurred by the Company
– Any private use of the bank account
– How many pages of the bank statement per month
– Expected monthly revenue and number of sales transactions.
– Expected number of transactions for expenses and purchases incurred during the financial year
– GST registered or not
– Any other special item like hire purchase, loan is obtained
– Any investment made during the financial period
– Currency involved in sales and purchase (Type of foreign currency)
– Number of bank accounts
– Number of debtors
– Number of creditors
– Frequency of preparation of accounts – Monthly basis, Quarterly basis, Half yearly basis, or Annual basis
– Do you expect the Company has significant inventory balance as at year end and any checking is required for the inventory movement during the financial year
– Does your Company has any internal accounting software and do you need our accountant to perform on site
– Does the account need to be audited?
– Total number of staffs.
– Any Existing Accounting Personnel ? What are their roles ?

For existing company, kindly provide the additional information as follows:-
– Last year financial statement with detail income statement
– Latest management account (Balance sheet and income statement)
– Last set of bank reconciliation
– Last GST Return Filed
– Last year Accounting Fee Paid
– Last year Audit Fee
– Last year Tax Fee
– Last year Corporate Secretarial Fee

How it Works

When you engage Anchor’s Bookkeeping Services in Singapore, we will work with you personally on your business accounting needs.

Based on the financial documents you submit to us on a periodic basis, our accountant will review and organize the information to create and maintain your accounts ledger. Our accountant can also help you draft financial statements in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standards (FSR) for statutory submissions.
The following information is required for bookkeeping purposes:

  • Sales orders/invoices
  • Purchase orders/invoices
  • Expenses invoices
  • Monthly bank statements
  • Receipt vouchers
  • Payment vouchers
  • Journal vouchers
  • Payroll summary
  • Tenancy agreement/invoices
  • Fixed asset register
  • Inventory listing
  • Statement of borrowing/hire purchase agreements
  • Monthly CPF Statements (if any)
  • Monthly Foreign Worker Levy Statements (if any)
  • Used Cheque Book Stubs (if any)
  • Salary Vouchers (if any)
  • Schedule for monitoring revenue generated and cost of sales/expenses paid during the year
  • Debtor and creditor control (unpaid or un-receipt invoices), etc.
  • Any document that could possibly explain a particular accounting entry.

Our Bookkeeping Service includes but not limited to the following accounting functions:

  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Accounts Payable Ledger Maintenance
  • Accounts Receivable Maintenance
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed Assets Ledger Maintenance
  • Cash Flow / Budgeting
  • Financial Statements & Reports Monthly, Quarterly, Year-End Review
  • Books Cleanup
  • Management Reporting
  • Financial Analysis

Kindly contact us to discuss for the details should you required more ad-hoc services like issue of monthly statement of account to your customers and other administrative work.

At Anchor, we are your 1 stop business & accounting consultants.

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