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Anchor Training Courses & Consulting Services is based in Singapore. We provide customized corporate training and consultancy services. We have a wide range of training courses for corporate clients, employees, business owners, entrepreneurs, start up, SME. We conduct e-Commerce training courses, digital marketing courses, setting up online shopping store courses, sales training courses, soft skills courses such as Leadership, Communication, Management Training etc.
Our business consultancy services include business management advisory, start up advisory, business transformation, how to start a new business consultation, management advisory, outsourcing services, business structure & operation review, market research, motivation talk, mentoring, project management, sales team management, business development, local sales representative, business management representative, director services etc.
Janice Ong, our principal trainer, founder and consultant is WSQ ACLP Certified Trainer, Facilitator and Assessor. She has more than 20 years of Business Development, Sales & Marketing working experience in the IT & engineering industries. She is one of the early pioneers that advocates SMEs to start an online website, e-Commerce online store back in the start up days more than 20 years ago. She has trained many people from all walks of life. Her wide range of experiences in various e-Commerce software, CMS, SAS, marketplaces are of great asset use to many companies and individuals who are exploring for an alternative income or additional income. She has also travel around the world in Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa and worked with business partners, colleagues, customers, distributors from various countries. Her students, customers highly favor her, liking her good customer service, fast response, training, advice and fixing their problems. She is willing to share her knowledge and equip others.
Don’t wait. Turn to Anchor Training & Consulting Services today. Let us be your solid Anchor you can rely on.

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