Expanding capabilities with Business Process Outsourcing

We specialize in the execution of business process outsourcing.

Seek us out for our expertise in bridging significant manpower gaps within your core & auxiliary service-based operations with our two pillars,

People Excellence and Operational Excellence.

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What We Do

, Outsourcing Services, Anchor Biz IT
Digital Marketing

Services: Business Website, e-Commerce Website Consulting Advisor, SEO, Content updating,  social media management

Great for: Start up, SMEs, MNCs

, Outsourcing Services, Anchor Biz IT
Business Development ​
ServicesB2B sales, B2C sales, customers visits and management.
Great for: Start-Ups, SMEs, Overseas companies who do not want to a Singapore office or any Singapore staff to meet customers.
, Outsourcing Services, Anchor Biz IT
Human Resource
Services:  Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Local & Foreign Talent Placement Services, Interviewing Screening, Background Check
, Outsourcing Services, Anchor Biz IT
IT Outsourcing
, Outsourcing Services, Anchor Biz IT
Procurement Outsourcing
, Outsourcing Services, Anchor Biz IT
Learrning & Development, Training

Why have a Support Team?

Improves Efficiency
Simply, hire us as required and scale up according to your need. Adapt it to your company life cycle or during peak seasons to deal with an influx when needed.

Cost Saving
Save yourself a lot of cost like local company set up, rental, staff salaries etc. On average, a company can save up to 75% in operational costs with an offshore virtual employee.
Focus on core activities
Allow your outsourced virtual team to focus on core business activities, such as marketing and maintaining key client relations, building brand awareness and prioritize on adding value.
Skilled Resources
Hiring through Anchor is a great way to diminish costs associated with hiring skilled workers. Using Anchor Singapore Outsource gives you access to a pool of highly skilled, vetted and trained professionals, supplying the talent you need to grow.
Time Zone
Clients can benefit without having your own country staff having to work overtime to attend to Singapore or Asia time zone customers enquiries.

Time is a precious commodity. We can enable you to deliver your product or service with fast response.

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If you would like more information about any of our services, or simply want to know more about us, please get in touch.

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