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Sign up for NTUC Membership to get UTAP funding rebate for your courses, or exams such as Real Estate Salesperson RES Exam. NTUC members enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year when you sign up for courses supported under UTAP. NTUC members aged 40 and above will get increased funding support from $250 to $500. RES Exam can claim when you become NTUC member. Sign up using Anchor referral link and get 2000 Linkpoints. Sign up before your Course or Exam start to enjoy UTAP. Referral code 202304383919.

What is the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP)?

UTAP is a training benefit for NTUC members to defray their cost of training. This benefit is to encourage more NTUC members to go for skills upgrading.
NTUC members enjoy 50% unfunded** course fee support for up to $250 each year when you sign up for courses supported under UTAP. NTUC members aged 40 and above will get increased funding support from $250 to $500.

 WSQ Certificate in Workplace Safety & Health
(a) Full course fees (before subsidy) $2,000*
(b) Less government subsidy e.g.90%  -$1,800
(c) Course fee payable (after subsidy)  $200
(d) Less UTAP funding (50% of course fee payable after government subsidy) -$100
(e) You pay $100

* Funding amount may vary and is for illustration purposes only

** Unfunded course fee refers to the balance course fee payable after applicable government subsidies. This may include materials fees, registration fees and misc fees.

Membership Benefits at a glance!

4% rebates plus LinkPoints at NTUC FairPrice
Earn LinkPoints at over 900 merchant outlets.
Insurance coverage of up to $30,000, under our group insurance plan, NTUC GIFT
For as low as $4.50 a month*, insure yourself for $50,000 against death, permanent & total disability and 30 critical illnesses with LUV from NTUC Income.
Up to 20% discount at Unity Denticare clinics.
Earn 15,420 LinkPoints a year* at My First Skool.
Up to 15% off NTUC ValueMeals at NTUC Foodfare.
Enjoy member preferred rates with selected courses by NTUC LearningHub and NextU.
Receive up to $250* training benefits from Union Training Assistance Programme(UTAP).
Discounted movie tickets and LinkPoints at Cathay Cineplexes!
Up to 50% off* published rates for Costa Sands Resorts.
Join my golf kaki for as low as $160 p.a. to enjoy golfing benefits such as maintenance of golf handicap, golfer insurance & more.
Up to 30% off at over 300 dining outlets islandwide.


Who can apply?

All NTUC members can apply for UTAP. However, the following criteria must be met to be eligible for UTAP:

  1. Paid-up union membership before the course commenced, throughout the course, and at the point of claim
  2. Course by training provider must be supported under UTAP, and training must commence within the supported period
  3. The course must not be fully funded through company sponsorship or other types of funding
  4. You must not be blacklisted by SSG for training grants
  5. You must achieve minimum attendance for the course based on existing Government regulations and sit for all prescribed examination(s) if any
  6. UTAP application must be submitted within 6 months after course completion

How to apply?

Step 1: Find a course that is supported by UTAP.

Step 2: Register for a course with a training provider and attend training. For course information and enrolment, please contact the training provider.

Step 3: Log in to the U Portal account to submit the UTAP application. NTUC members should apply for their UTAP claim within 6 months after the course ends. Late applications will be rejected.

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