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Anchor facilitation services are conducted by highly competent process facilitators with a deep and diverse corporate industries experiences. Our facilitator helps to facilitate workplace learning and development programs that align to learners and companies needs to drive skills development and performance outcome. We facilitate, coach and assess learning in organizations, seeking new ways to enhance learning to elevate performance at the workplace.

Our facilitators are credible, experienced and personable facilitation expert. We help participants to collaborate as they explore a topic or issue. The goal is to encourage participants to think, discuss key ideas, ask questions with one another to uncover things and to find solutions or action plan. The facilitator draws out the best thinking of a group.

We also provide professional facilitation services for effective corporate training, professional meeting facilitation, strategic planning, process improvement, group decision-making, board meetings, workshop facilitation, stakeholder focus group consultation and engagement, group facilitation, concept planning, agenda mapping, participant preparation, on-site facilitation and follow-up.

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