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WordPress Training WooCoomerce Training Courses in Singapore

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Boost your website’s visibility and e-commerce capabilities with our specialized WordPress and WooCommerce training courses in Singapore. Elevate your online presence, improve search engine optimization (SEO), and master the art of effective website management.

Key Benefits:

  1. SEO-Focused WordPress Training: Learn how to optimize your WordPress website for search engines, ensuring better visibility and ranking on search results pages.
  2. WooCommerce Mastery: Unlock the full potential of your online store with in-depth training on WooCommerce, mastering the tools and techniques for successful e-commerce.
  3. Customized Learning Paths: Tailor your learning experience based on your specific business needs, whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur.
  4. Hands-On Practical Sessions: Gain practical experience through hands-on sessions, allowing you to implement SEO strategies and e-commerce solutions directly on your WordPress website.
  5. Expert Guidance: Receive guidance from experienced trainers well-versed in WordPress and WooCommerce, providing insights into the latest trends and best practices.
  6. Keyword Optimization Techniques: Explore effective keyword optimization techniques to enhance your website’s content and improve its discoverability on search engines.
  7. Responsive Design Principles: Learn the importance of responsive design and how it contributes to SEO, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices.
  8. Advanced E-commerce Strategies: Delve into advanced e-commerce strategies, including conversion optimization, product page enhancements, and customer engagement tactics.

Transform your digital presence and stay ahead in the online landscape with our WordPress and WooCommerce training courses. Join us in Singapore to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the competitive online market.

Learn to Build Your Own Website using WordPress.  Learn how to build eCommerce website using WooCommerce. Step-by-Step, Hands-on training at your own Premises through Skype Live Video Call.  We accept customers from around the world. Is the most comprehensive, complete WordPress & WooCommerce course in Singapore. Personal advise, recommendation, consultation will be given during the training by our Singapore trainer with more than 20 years of e-Commerce experience. Lots of students have benefited from this course.

Training Dates: Please indicate the date you prefer at your purchase.

Mode of Training:  Zoom/Google Meet/Zoom/Google Meet/Skype Video Live Call


What’s included

  • 1 day class 6 hrs (10am-5 pm)
  • Up-to-date course modules
  • Hands on WordPress training practice building your own website
  • Hands on WooCommerce practice building your own eCommerce website
  • Structured curriculum developed by our trainer with more than 20 years of experiences in CMS, eCommerce
  • Our interactive 1-day workshop will equip you with practical knowledge and skills to kickstart your business or e-commerce business immediately.

Even if you’re completely new to website development, e-commerce, after going through this course, you will know how to set up your online business and getting your first sale online.

Course Modules

Module 1. Getting Started with WordPress

  • Installing and running WordPress 
  • Accessing your WordPress site 
  • Using the WordPress Dashboard 
  • Using the WordPress toolbar 

Module 2. Posts

  • Understanding the difference between posts and pages
  • Creating a new post 
  • Using categories and tags
  • Advanced text formatting
  • Creating and managing links
  • Adding images
  • Adding an image gallery
  • Using Featured Image 
  • Adding images from external sources 
  • Adding media from YouTube and other services through oEmbed
  • Comparing and restoring old versions with Revisions
  • Publishing posts 
  • Using the More tag and excerpts 
  • Defining post formats 

Module 3. Pages

    • Creating a basic page 
    • Using page templates 
    • Organizing page hierarchy 

Module 4. Appearance

  • Selecting and changing themes 
  • Using the Theme Customizer 
  • Using a custom header image 
  • Creating custom menus 
  • Using widgets
  • Changing the front page from a blog view to a static page 
  • Installing themes from the WordPress Theme Directory 
  • Installing custom themes 
  • Making sure your WordPress site is mobile-ready 

Module 5. Plugins

  • Installing plugins 
  • Creating a contact page 
  • Adding social media sharing buttons
  • Learn more about plugins

Module 6  Setting Up Shop with WooCommerce

  • Getting and installing WooCommerce
  • Initial configuration 
  • General settings
  • Catalog settings
  • Pages settings 
  • Inventory settings 
  • Mail settings 

Module 7. Setting Up Payment Gateways

  • Configuring payment options 
  • Setting up PayPal payments 

Module 8. Setting Up Shipping Options

  • Deciding on shipping options 
  • Creating shipping classes
  • Using built-in shipping methods 

Module 9. Adding Products

  • Adding a new product 
  • Adding images to a product
  • Managing product variations

Module 10. Customizing Your Store

  • Configuring the store index page 
  • Using the sidebar
  • Configuring the front page and product category navigation

Module 11. Managing Sales

  1. Testing the customer experience 
  2. Receiving and managing orders
  3. Managing reports 
  4. Creating coupons

Module 12. Users

  • Editing your user profile 
  • Adding and managing users 
  • Understanding user levels  
  • Configuring general settings 

Module 13. Getting Readers

  • Creating user-friendly permalinks 
  • Configuring comment settings 
  • Managing comments 

Module 14. Maintenance and Security

  • Keeping up to date

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5 reviews for WordPress Training WooCoomerce Training Courses in Singapore

  1. Mr Tan

    Highly recommended especially now with Covid-19, useful course to learn how to set up website, online store

  2. Course Participant/Trainee

    Good hands on aspect, building a website from scratch using WordPress

  3. Ben

    Good hands on practice on using the different features of WordPress

  4. Course Participant

    Course exceed my expectation

  5. Samraj Rajasekar

    Janice my trainer is very friendly and knowledgeable to teach in web hosting and online store.

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