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How To Finally Stop Worrying. Restore Mental Clarity & Thrive in Uncertainty.

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Are you facing mid life crisis?

Are you affected by Covid-19 situation?

Have you just lost your job?

Have you just close your business?

Are your family or friends distancing from you?

Need someone to talk to?

Are you looking for spiritual help?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Janice Ong, our professional executive & life coach has more than 20 years of working experiences, she will help you in your career, life, businesses whether is it a problem you are facing such as job loss, business close, staff problems, personal problems to looking to improve your business, business expansion, career transition, career path, technology, marketing etc.

She has handled personal issues, companies problems, career questions such as: Communication, Motivation, Conflict, Emotional Intelligence, Decisions, Culture, Leadership, Business Transformation/Strategy, Personal & Team Development, Problem Solving, Succession, Growth, Group Dynamics in Teams, Performance, Career Prospect etc.

She has customers who are :

  • Lost uncertain what to do
  • Who don’t have family support
  • Individuals with relationship issues
  • Business owners who are not doing well
  • SME bosses who closed their businesses
  • And many more

She has helped these customers to transform, change and have hope. Many have benefited from her coaching. 


1 customer said “When I see you, hear you, all my sorrows, unhappiness I have forgotten. You bring joy to me and others. I am so glad to come for this session and meet you.”

Mr Tan said ” You are amazing. You encourage me, believe in me than my family. You understand what I have gone through.”

Many of our customers feel 

Happier. Free of their emotional burden

Peace in their life

 Stronger.  Strengthen. More faith & confidence.

As an executive coach, Janice can help you with assessing where you are in your career, setting new professional goals and making an action plan to achieve them. As a Life Coach, she can help you with both professional and personal goals that you would like to achieve.

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Individual Coaching Services – ONE ON ONE

The heart of our coaching is working with individuals. Guiding and Advising and more importantly unleashing the potentials of individuals, to make their dreams and goals come true. We bring in deeper perspectives on issues that individuals struggle with day in and out. We brainstorm with individuals and discuss together. Our Coaches work with you together to ensure self awareness, responsibility, ownership, growth and development.

Advance your Executive Career

Our Executive Coaching program gives YOU a leading edge over others. In today’s economy, learn how can you leverage your current skills, experience and resources?

We will help you gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve your development objectives and unlock your  potential to achieve your best performance. Become a high performance executive today and be notice by others.

Transform a Company

If your company is not growing, not performing, do your know the reasons why? Through Executive Coaching, your company will learn from your mistakes and change the course to the right direction. Become successful in your industry with personal and company transformation. High performance and success are a result of choices, like the choice many are making to engage an Executive Coach.

For those who are ready to take their careers to the next level, Anchor executive coach can take you there. Contact us today and advance your career

Our Approach

1st session, coaches will meet initially for 1 hour to identify your aspirations, clarify your goals and create our coaching agreement. Then we engage in a constructive coaching conversation, focusing on your goals and what you want to accomplish, usually face to face in two or three sessions per month You can be assured that our professional coaches will explore what is really important to you and discover new perspectives and pathways to create the goals, career and life you want. What you will get is a world view and your actions plans and commitments will bring you to greater height and happiness.

Place :  Online Via Zoom/Google Meet/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams/Skype Video Call/WhatsApp Video Call/ Audio Call.

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[Note: If you are in a dangerous situation, or know of another person that may be in danger, please do not engage our services. Contact relevant authorities for help. Please refer to Crisis Help Support contact details instead.


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