Services to Existing Franchisors

If you are already franchising, Anchor franchising can help you to improve your existing system and advise on key elements of your growth strategies and plans.  Anchor franchising offers guidance and advice on many areas of your business including:

• Your existing franchise infrastructure and documentations (manuals, agreements, disclosure etc)
• Your existing operations and ways to improve them
• The opportunity being offered
• Your training program and management tool
• The franchisor requirements and obligations
• The franchisee rights and obligations
• Reporting and collection
• Development priority market and focusing of resources
• Recruitment strategies
• Development Strategic planning




Franchisor Regional Representation and Management

Anchor franchising can be your franchisor representative to answer interested potential franchisees enquiries, review, qualify potential franchisees and manage your franchise. We are your eyes, hands, legs and ears in Singapore and Asia Pacific region.  We can act as your Singapore regional office providing help, support and guidance to your franchisees in the Asia Pacific region. Among the many support areas, Anchor franchising will:

• Coordinate between region and franchisor home base
• Coordinate between franchisees
• Help franchisees (Masters, Area Developer and Single) with their day to day needs
• Be with franchisees on their time zone and speak their language
• Visit franchisees in their territories regularly (or as per franchisor’s request)
• Evaluate franchisee operational and development performance
• Work with local banks for Royalty collection and fund transfers
• Recruit new Franchisees

Anchor franchising will provide support and guidance to regional franchisees:

• Country / Regional Development goal and plan
• Lease negotiations
• Supply chain
• Local and Regional marketing and advertising
• Organizing field meetings
• Establishing a purchasing cooperative
• Newsletter and best practice sharing

Benefits to the Franchisor:

• Saving time and money on traveling team from the franchisor head office in USA, Canada or Europe
• Having local representation that speaks the same language and understands the culture of the franchisees
• Reacting to franchisees’ needs swiftly “morning their time is sleeping time for you and morning for you is day end for them”
• Having regional representation that understand franchising, development and operation

The Anchor franchising team can be your best and most effective development, operational and support representation in Asia Pacific.




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