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What We Test

ecommerce website testing
usability testing all devices

Web and mobile front end of an ecommerce solution

We simulate customer journeys and evaluate user experience that an ecommerce solution can provide. We check whether graphical user interface (GUI) elements (icons, widgets, etc.) are displayed properly, goods are sorted and displayed correctly and with right descriptions, customers are redirected to the right pages, and so on.

Usability on all types of devices

We study whether your ecommerce solution offers the best possible user experience with the variety of devices your customers may use (smartphones, tablets, computers) in the variety of environments.

functional testing services
ecommerce analytics services

Functionality of an ecommerce solution

We test such aspects as shopping cart functionality (adding items to the cart and removing them, applying discount codes and so on), order processing and tracking, payment processing and more.

Ecommerce analytics

We test whether your databases and data warehouses are prepared to receive and store huge flows of data generated by your customers. We also check whether the data analytics components of your ecommerce solution are tuned to generate meaningful and not misleading insights from the data about your customers, their behavior and their purchases, the proportion of your ecommerce website visitors that turn into your customers, and so on.

ecommerce website performance
ecommerce integration with erp

Ecommerce website performance

We test whether your ecommerce website stands high loads, has no performance issues when goods’ prices and descriptions are updated, and so on. We can also provide quick performance testing of your solution before sales, e.g., 1111 Sale, Black Friday Sale.

Integration of an ecommerce solution with other company systems

We test how your ecommerce solution is connected to other systems responsible for multiple sales-related operations (payment gateways, PIM, CRM, delivery management system) and check whether the data is transferred without delays to and from your ecommerce solution.


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