Liquid Web Review

Liquid Web Review

Liquid Web offers uptime, support that is always available to you, and a constant commitment to build a better service for the customer. Liquid Web has a redundant network with four data centers in the US, plus another in Amsterdam. The company takes advantage of the latest technology in the market and has all its own hardware, which gives Liquid Web more options than it can offer to customers. Liquid Web has three main options for managed hosting, excluding WordPress and WooCommerce solutions. You pay a small monthly fee for managed hosting, but the peace of mind you get in return is priceless. With asset management powered by Liquid Web, you’re free to focus on what’s important: your content and/or your customers. Customers can install popular blogging and e-commerce applications in the popular and easy-to-use cPanel. Users get unlimited email accounts, secure access to SSH, and fast page loading on SSD storage. In the event of a tragedy or question, you are not alone. Within minutes, you can be online with a trained professional who will be well prepared to guide you through any crisis. Liquid Website’s support policy means that the company will try to help in any way possible, even if it requires non-traditional services. The Bottom Line: If you’re ready for a real deal on a website — powerful hardware and one you can depend on — you should consider Liquid Web. In our experience, it’s no surprise that customers pay for Liquid Web Hosting in a controlled manner.

Heroic Support® and Fully Managed Hosting
Linux or Windows options with cPanel, InterWorx or Plesk
Industry leader in customer loyalty and NPS scores
Servers proven to be faster than AWS and Rackspace
100% uptime with built-in backup

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