4 Best AI Writing Tools Assistant Picks In 2023

Top 4 Best AI Writing Software Recommendation In 2023


Choosing the right AI writing tool can significantly influence your writing process and enhance the visibility of your content. In this comprehensive review, we have assessed and ranked the top four AI writing tools presently available, taking into account their features, user-friendliness, pricing, and overall performance.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI stands out as an exceptional all-in-one AI writing tool capable of revolutionizing your content output by tenfold. It generates high-ranking content, drives conversions, eliminates writer’s block, and enables seamless content production scaling

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a good on-page optimization tool that helps website owners and marketers improve search engine rankings through data-driven recommendations and competitor analysis.


Rytr is a reliable and affordable AI software designed to assist writers in generating quality content. It offers a cost-effective AI software solution for those who are budget-conscious, providing a solid tool for writers


Writesonic is a good AI writing software specifically tailored for e-commerce businesses, providing powerful tools to effortlessly create compelling product descriptions, marketing copy, and engaging content to drive sales and conversions.

There’s no doubt that AI is changing the landscape of content writing.

In a recent study, it was found it takes an average of 4 hours to write a blog post.

time to write blog post

The process of content creation involves various tasks such as keyword and article research, outlining, writing, and keyword optimization, making it a complex endeavor for writers and those managing writing teams.

If you’re considering investing in AI writing software, the key question to ask is whether you want to streamline your writing process and save valuable time. In this article, I will guide you through some of the top AI writing software and explain how they can significantly enhance your writing workflow.

So, let’s get started and explore these powerful tools!

What are the Best AI Writing Software Tools?

The top AI writing software tools are:

  1. Jasper AI (Best Overall)
  2. Surfer SEO (Best For SEO)
  3. Rytr (Best For Those On A Budget)
  4. WriteSonic (Best For Ecommerce)
When it comes to AI writing software, Jasper AI stands out as the best choice. With its exceptional capabilities and advanced features, Jasper AI reigns supreme in the realm of AI-powered content generation.
This powerful tool has proven to be a game-changer, helping users achieve remarkable results in their writing endeavors.
From generating high-quality content that ranks well in search engines to boosting conversions and overcoming writer’s block, Jasper AI excels on multiple fronts.
Additionally, its seamless scalability allows for efficient content production, making it an invaluable asset for businesses and individuals alike.
If you’re looking for the ultimate AI writing software that delivers exceptional performance and empowers your writing process, Jasper AI is the clear winner.
While Jasper AI won’t serve as your ghostwriter like the next Hemingway, it excels at assisting you in content production.
Instead of creating content entirely on its own, Jasper AI shines by helping you enhance your writing with valuable insights and ideas.
It serves as a tool to fill in the gaps and amplify your points effectively.
However, it’s important to note that the quality of output from AI writing tools like Jasper AI heavily relies on the input you provide.

Take a look at the example below.


Upon reviewing the AI-generated content in the first segment, it becomes evident that it lacks coherence and appears to be rambling without a clear structure.

On the other hand, in the second half, we provided the AI with specific starting prompts to guide the content’s flow in the desired direction. As a result, the output demonstrates a much smoother and coherent flow, enhancing the overall quality of the content.

Jasper AI is engineered with user-friendly features that streamline your work. Whether your goal is to create blog articles, social media posts, website copy, or other content types, Jasper AI is equipped to generate original and imaginative content. Its ease of use ensures a smooth onboarding experience, allowing you to quickly get started and make the most of its capabilities.


Jasper AI harnesses the power of various language models, including OpenAI’s GPT-3, which combines natural language processing and natural language recognition. In addition, Jasper has recently introduced Jasper Chat, a chatbot that resembles OpenAI’s ChatGPT. These advancements in technology enable users to fully leverage the capabilities of Jasper and enhance their writing experience.


Jasper Chat is an AI-powered chatbot that leverages generative AI to engage in conversations and deliver responses that resemble human interaction. This intelligent chatbot possesses the ability to comprehend user input effectively, even without rigid prompts, and generate appropriate and contextually relevant responses. It proves to be a valuable tool for generating, refining, improving, and exchanging ideas. Additionally, Jasper Chat showcases its creative prowess by writing stories, songs, telling jokes, creating art, and much more.

Moreover, you can rely on this AI chatbot for tasks such as crafting blog introductions, writing descriptions, or generating business name ideas. However, it’s important to note that Jasper Chat may not excel in providing accurate factual information. Therefore, it is recommended to double-check any information provided by the chatbot.

Jasper AI writing a blog


With Jasper Chat, all you need to do is input a prompt, and it takes care of the rest, generating responses accordingly. This versatile chatbot is also capable of communicating in approximately 30 languages and has the ability to remember previous conversations, allowing for a more personalized experience.

In the world of blogging, incorporating images can significantly enhance engagement and improve search engine rankings. Jasper Art comes to the rescue by enabling you to create distinctive artwork using just text input. This innovative feature adds a creative touch to your blog posts, making them visually appealing and captivating for your audience.


To further enhance your creative experience, Jasper Art offers the ability to personalize your artwork by incorporating specific details such as style, artist, medium, and mood. This level of customization allows you to delve deeper into your artistic vision, resulting in more expressive and tailored artwork. By providing these additional parameters, Jasper Art empowers you to unleash your creativity and explore various artistic possibilities.

What we like the most about Jasper is its ability to:

  •  Comprehensive assistance in writing a blog post from start to finish
  •  Efficient generation of topic ideas
  •  Skillful composition of compelling headlines and meta descriptions
  •  Creation of content outlines for better organization
  •  Wide selection of over 50 templates for various content needs
  • Surfer SEO Integration

Jasper AI 50+ Templates




Jasper AI offers flexible pricing options for its Starter Plan, starting at $29 per month, which includes a generous word limit of 20,000 words. This pricing model scales with the word output. Alternatively, you can opt for their Boss Mode, priced at $99 per month, providing an increased monthly word limit of 100,000 words.

Although a free trial is not available, Jasper AI ensures customer satisfaction with a 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. If you find the tool unhelpful, you can request a refund within 5 days of purchase without any questions asked.

Additionally, you can take advantage of a free trial of 10,000 words by accessing it through our link.


💬 The Bottom line:

For those seeking a robust and user-friendly AI writing software, Jasper AI is an exceptional choice. With its diverse range of features and the added benefit of a free trial, writers, bloggers, and businesses can harness the full potential of this tool to enhance their content creation process.


2. Surfer SEO (Best For SEO)

surferseo rank your content with powerful AI 

If you write blog posts and articles, you want to ensure you optimize your content for search engines. And for that, you need Surfer SEO.

Surfer SEO is a comprehensive on-page and technical SEO tool that empowers you to create top-notch content that achieves high search engine rankings by combining a wide range of robust features designed to optimize your articles and website for improved visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google Search Results

Surfer SEO provides an analysis of top-ranking Google pages to provide valuable insights for enhancing content quality, and what’s great about it is the flexibility it offers, allowing users to customize various elements according to the relevance to their specific content.

By utilizing Surfer SEO’s content editor, content marketers can effortlessly create competitive and high-quality blogs.

When combined with effective Google ranking or link building tools and a robust SEO strategy, it ensures content that consistently achieves high rankings.

Surfer SEO features:

  • SERP Analyzer helps to analyze competitions.
  • SEO Audit to improve existing content.
  • Free tools like the Keyword Surfer and Outline Generator.
  • Grow Flow has suggestions to improve the entire blog.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) to write content that flows.
  • Browser extensions and integrations Google Docs, WordPress, Jasper AI, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization in multiple languages.


Surfer SEO Pricing Plans

💬 Conclusion

Surfer SEO is a comprehensive AI-powered on-page SEO tool that ensures your articles receive the visibility they deserve. By providing valuable data on top-ranking competitors and delivering precise insights to enhance your pages, it equips you with the necessary information to improve your search engine rankings.

If you’re looking to achieve higher rankings without making significant investments into unfamiliar methods, Surfer SEO is the ideal AI writing assistant for you.

3. Rytr (Best For Those On A Budget)

rytr writing seo AI

Rytr is an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals seeking user-friendly AI writing tools, offering features such as grammar and spelling checking, AI content generation, and topic research.

Although it may lack some of the advanced functionalities found in other AI writing tools, Rytr is particularly well-suited for beginners venturing into AI-assisted writing to enhance their productivity and generate articles more efficiently.

Apart from error detection, Rytr’s AI writing software provides valuable tips and suggestions to enhance your writing skills, leveraging its GPT-3 technology to produce texts that sound remarkably human-like.

Additionally, the user-friendly interface of Rytr is highly commendable, allowing anyone to quickly and effortlessly generate content due to its well-organized and intuitive design.

Some great things this AI writer offers include:

  • SEO analyzer to create content briefs in just a few seconds
  • 30+ Use cases, including blog Ideas and outlines
  • Content generation
  • 20+ tones of voice
  • Built-in Plagiarism Checker


Rytr has a free plan that allows you to upgrade as you scale.

The next plan is the Saver Plan at $9/month or $90/year (Get 2 months free!), with their Unlimited Plan at $29/month (or $290/year) (Get 2 months free!).

rytr pricing

💬 Conclusion

Rytr is a budget-friendly option that, despite offering fewer features compared to some other AI writing tools, remains a valuable tool for automating the content generation process, making it a helpful resource for individuals seeking efficiency and productivity in their writing endeavors.


4. WriteSonic (Best For Ecommerce)

writesonic best ai writer for creating seo content
WriteSonic stands as a formidable competitor among other AI writing tools in the e-commerce domain, providing an extensive array of features including product descriptions, customer reviews, website copy, and even email marketing content.

Furthermore, WriteSonic offers seamless integrations with various platforms, facilitating a streamlined content generation process and enhancing overall efficiency.

how does writesonic work

Some notable features of this AI writing software include:

  • An AI-powered assistant that writes product descriptions for you in a click
  • Digital Ad Copies for social media like Facebook, Linkedin, and Google ads

Digital Ad Copies for social media like Facebook Linkedin and Google ads

  • Ecommerce copy including product titles, descriptions, and features
  • 50+ other content types to choose from


WriteSonic pricing $12.67/month. You can start with a free trial today to test if it’s a good fit for your work.

Writesonice Pricing

💬 Conclusion

If you’re specifically seeking an AI writing software tailored for eCommerce content,  WriteSonic emerges as an excellent choice, offering a diverse range of features dedicated to optimizing product descriptions and enhancing conversions, making it a valuable tool for eCommerce businesses.it a helpful resource for individuals seeking efficiency and productivity in their writing endeavors.

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