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, Home, Anchor Training Courses & Consulting Services

We are AEP-AAE Associate Adult Educator


WSQ ACLP Certified Trainer, Facilitator & Accessor


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, Home, Anchor Training Courses & Consulting Services
Zubaidah Yusoff - Rehabilitation HOD of a leading Health Care Services Provider in Singapore
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Janice is a nice and friendly trainer. She provides tips and shares her knowledge accordingly. She is a very well - experienced trainer and is able to identify things that need to rectified quite quickly. Thanks Janice!
Oscar Tan
Thank you for the quick delivery and quick informative respond. Speedy replies.
Deena - Working Professional who attended a training class by Anchor's trainer
Janice is very knowledgeable, accommodating. Can ask questions and she is very patient, professional, experience, knowledgeable in helping us. She reminds me of my ex-GM in my previous company who are alike. She brings joy to people. When people who are unhappy when see her, hears from her, the mood change to be joyful, happy. She is able to control situation, bring peace and joy to people.
Chef Sanmugam Devagi - Popular Chef & Cooking Book Author
Trainer (Janice) at the beginning of class will find out if students already know wordpress and tailor the class accordingly. She reviews students websites one by one and make recommendation for improvement. Very professional, patient, knowledgeable. Is a joy to learn from her. Will recommend to my friends, students, contacts. Highly recommended.
Muhammad Ahmad
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Ms Janice provided a really detailed and personalised service. She really went out of her way to ensure that I received what I needed, and she kept checking back on it.
, Home, Anchor Training Courses & Consulting Services
Mira from a Travel Agency
Efficient service and fast replies. Seller is very accommodating in terms of the turn around time and collection venue. Product receive as described. Honest and reliable.
, Home, Anchor Training Courses & Consulting Services
Shane Chua from Mian Wang 1971
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They have a wide range of products for business usage that's not easily available in the market for small startups. also commendable is their patience in handling with my doubts. top notch service!
Great seller! Very prompt with replies. The item is in best condition. Seller even checked with me if i received the item on its scheduled date

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